9 - 15%
Corporate profit tax (for the profit up to 100,000 EUR)

The lowest income tax in the region and one of the lowest in Europe

fastest growing tourist destination in the world

The fifth fastest growing tourist destination according to the World Tourism Organization report (UNWTO)


EUR as currency of payment


GDP per capita in 2021 (The World Bank)

GDP growth

GDP growth in 2022 (The Statistical Office of Montenegro)

million EUR

Income from tourism in 2022

Statistical Review of Foreign Direct Investment 2012-2022

The total inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in Montenegro since the restoration of the independence in 2006 until 31.12.2022 amounted to 12.9 billion euros, according to the Central Bank of Montenegro. Of that amount, 4.4 billion was invested in domestic companies and banks, 3.9 billion inflows were registered in the form of intercompany debt, 3.9 billion was invested in the real estate sector, and 661 million in the rest. The total inflow of FDI in 2022 amounted to 1.1 billion EUR. In that ten-year period, from 2012 to 2022, most investments were made from the following countries:

Successful Stories

Montenegro is a reliable and secure investment destination

Economic indicators

Economic indicators that characterize today's economy of Montenegro


Billion EUR

GDP - 2022 (The Statistical Office of Montenegro)



GDP Growth Rate 2022 (The Statistical Office of Montenegro)



GDP per capita - 2021 (The World Bank)



Tax wedge on minimum salary (450 EUR)



Corporate profit tax



Standard VAT (reduced rates of 7% and 0% are applicable to certain products and services)

Our partners

Many reputable investors have recognised Montenegro as guarantee for stable and transparent investment

Market access

As a logistics base, Montenegro is a perfect point on the map for companies that export their products to the EU, Southeast Europe and the Middle East. The possibility of transport by land, air and sea guarantees unique access to markets and delivery of all products on time.

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