Council of the Montenegrin Investment Agency

Janko Odović
President of the Council and State Secretary in Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare was born in 1986 in Pljevlja. He finished primary and high school in his home town, Faculty of Law in Belgrade, as an excellent student with an average grade above 9. During studies, he was awarded for excellent success in achieving knowledge. He is an awarded winner “Zadužbina Milivoja Jovanovića i Luke Ćelovića” for the best student work. He underwent training in the field of lawmaking in Hague, and in the field of constitutional protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Germany. He attended multidisciplinary undergraduate studies at the Belgrade Open School, whose vision is a society based on freedom, knowledge and innovation. After his undergraduate studies, he volunteered at the People's Office of the President of the Republic. He started his career in the Constitutional Court where he acquired legal knowledge. His further career was focused on finance and financial law, so he was a senior advisor in the Securities Commission and, among other things, participated in the Working Group for the preparation of the Negotiating Position for Negotiating Chapter 4 in the accession process of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union. He continued his career at the National Bank of Serbia, working on banking supervision both in the area of prudential control and in the area of market operations (conduct supervision). He was a member of the Working Group for the Chapter 9 and involved in the implementation process of the global regulatory framework for more stable banks and banking systems, Basel III. In the National Bank of Serbia, he stayed from 2017 until his return to his home land, in order to contribute to its development from the position of State Secretary. He speaks English, German and Russian.
Ivana Malović
Council Member
Dragana Jović
Council Member
Milena Žižić
Council Member Milena Žižić was born on August 17, 1983 in Podgorica. Her primary, secoundary and higher education completed in Podgorica. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro in Podgorica, as the first in generation. After completing her undergraduate studies, she completed postgraduate studies in Public Sector Economics, and later doctoral studies in Banking and Financial Services Management. Since 2014, she has been a permanent court expert in economics and finance and a lecturer in Banking and Finance and Financial Markets. She acquired professional training in the field of banking in Istanbul within the Ziraat Group, and in the field of compliance and management of the internal control system within the Triglav Group - Ljubljana. She has participated and lectured at several regional and international conferences in the field of business compliance and risk management. She is a Certified Business Compliance Manager and an Authorized Licensed Person for Personal Data Protection. She is one of the founders of the Association for Business Compliance and Ethics in Podgorica. She started her professional career in the consulting company Migron in 2005 as an advisor for development of investment projects, studies and consulting services. She started her banking career in 2006 at Hipotekarna banka Podgorica as an intern, then as advisor in the Payment Operations and Asset Management Sector. From 2007 to 2014, she worked as the Head of the Asset and Financial Services Management Department at the First Financial Bank Podgorica. Since April 2015, she continued her employment at the position of Manager for Management of Financial Assets and Financial Institutions in Ziraat Bank AD Podgorica. Since December 2016, she worked in Lovćen osiguranje Podgorica at the positions of Project Management Manager, Compliance Manager and Authorized Person for Personal Data Protection. She is a co-author and author of a large number of scientific papers in the field of economics and macroeconomic indicators. Since March 2021, she is at the position of Acting Secretary in the Ministry of Capital Investments.
Goran Čabarkapa
Council Member

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