A working meeting held with representatives of SMATSA

Representatives of the Montenegrin Investment Agency held a working meeting with the Deputy Director of Air Traffic Control of Serbia and Montenegro (SMATSA), Mr. Rajko Uskoković and his colleagues at the premises of SMATSA in Podgorica. The representatives of the Agency had the opportunity to visit the technical premises and get acquainted with the work and technical equipment of SMATSA, which are in accordance with the highest standards in this field.

Mr. Uskoković presented the company’s investment plan to the representatives of the Agency, which refers to the improvement of technical and administrative capacities and the procurement and installation of new, state-of-the-art equipment that will significantly contribute to the improvement of the work of both SMATSA and the Airports of Montenegro, in anticipation of the potential introduction of new airline routes. Also, current problems that hinder the realization of these investments and potential steps to overcome these problems were presented at the meeting.

Montenegrin Investment Agency provides full support to the professional team of SMATSA and their efforts to invest in infrastructure in Montenegro, and within its competences will assist in overcoming obstacles in order to realize the investments as soon as possible and improve the air traffic sector in Montenegro.