Register of levies – in one place data on levies at the local and state level

The Secretariat of the Competitiveness Council has developed a Register of levies, which is available to citizens and interested parties in Montenegro and abroad.

The register contains 2,293 levies or about 28,000 miscellaneous levies, which are prescribed in more than 830 laws and bylaws.

The basic goal for creating such registry is to have centralized data on the levies charged in Montenegro, at national and local level, in order to simplify business activities and increase transparency.

The levies are described, among others, by the categories defining: levy type, amount, payment manner, area or department which applies it, regulations which are the basis to adopt and define the levy amount.

The Registry enables public sector to have insight into levy burdens per industry, to make an analysis of the necessity for the existing levies and to make decision following these inputs regarding the cases where the levies can be reduced, postponed or cancelled. Such database should help decision-makers when creating new legislation and when defining new levies. Conversely, such Registry helps the industries to have an overview of a list of levies in a transparent manner including their amount for the areas related to their operations as well as the possibility to calculate and plan in advance the costs related to their obligations towards public sector.

The levy register is available at: