Montenegro and Hungary continue to deepen economic cooperation

Montenegro and Hungary continue to deepen economic cooperation

Montenegro and Hungary continue to deepen economic cooperation

Director of Montenegrin Investment Agency Dejan Medojević and Ambassador of Hungary Jozef Nedjesi had a meeting today in the premises of Montenegrin Investment Agency, during which it was assessed that Montenegro and
Hungary have excellent bilateral relations strengthened by intensive dialogue and alliance within NATO. The interlocutors assessed that the Investment Agency, which signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in December 2020 with the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), had achieved excellent cooperation.

The Director of the Agency presented the competencies and plans of the Agency which are focused on the realization of public-private partnerships, investments and the promotion of the investment potential of Montenegro. He stressed Montenegrin commitment to use the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model more intensively, which also includes privatization processes, bearing in mind the success of projects implemented under the PPP model in European Union countries. The Director of the Agency also emphasized the importance of the economic citizenship program, which lasts until the end of year 2021, and is also a confirmation of the broader course of economic policy of Montenegro dedicated to create an attractive economic environment for foreign investors.

The Ambassador of Hungary pointed out that the relations between Montenegro and Hungary are based on the principles of openness, continuous cooperation and mutual support, but also that there is a lot of room for strengthening economic cooperation since these are two close countries. He stressed that cooperation could especially be further intensified in the tourism, IT and energy sectors.. Representatives of the Agency held a presentation to the representatives of the Economic and Trade Department of the Hungarian Embassy in Montenegro on investment
potentials and programs that characterize Montenegro as an attractive investment destination.

Director Medojević with Brazilian Ambassador Barbosa Working meetings with Municipalities representatives on the implementation of the Law on public-private partnership
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