Program for improving the competitiveness of the economy

Program for Improving the Competitiveness of the Economy for 2020 allocated funds for 17 program lines, and 11 of them are Program lines for financial support:

# Title Document
1. Program line for innovation improvement External LINK
2. Program line for introducing international standards External LINK
3. Program line for modernization of the manufacturing (processing) industry External LINK
4. Program line for cluster development External LINK
5. Program line for stimulating direct investments External LINK
6. Program line for stimulating production processes External LINK
7. Program line for crafts development External LINK
8. Program line for digitization External LINK
9. Program line for internalization support External LINK
10. Program line for stimulating the circular economy External LINK
11. Program line to support small investments of entrepreneurs External LINK

Two non-financial Program lines:

# Title Document
12. Program line for providing the mentoring services External LINK
13. Program line for entrepreneurship development External LINK

and four program lines, which will be promoted and implemented in parallel:

# Title Document
14. Decree on Business zones development project External LINK
15. Law on Free Zones External LINK
16. Program line for promotion and increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and services External LINK
17. European Entrepreneurship Network External LINK

You can download the list with detailed information on program lines for improving the competitiveness of the economy in PDF format in Montenegrin and English

You can download the document that provides basic information on all types of financial and non-financial support available to businessmen in Montenegro from the state and local level, support offered by commercial banks, business associations and international organizations in Montenegro here.

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