Register business

The limited liability company is registered in the CRPS, based on the registration application with which the following information about newly registered company and its members:
Needed information:
1. JPR form (unique registration form)   Details
2. Copy of ID card and, proof of payment of the fee (fee in the amount of 5€ to the Tax Administration)   Details
3. List with the names of the members of the management body of the company, date and place of birth, unique identification number, permanent or temporary residence with decisions on the appointment of members of the management body of the company   Details
4. Occupations of members of management bodies who are not employed in the company, as well as data on membership in other management bodies, functions held in Montenegro or abroad, as well as the place of registration of those companies, if they are not registered in Montenegro   Details
5. Name and address of the auditor and secretary of the company, with decisions on their appointment   Details
6. Name and address of the members of the audit board, with decisions on their appointment   Details
7. E-mail address   Details
8. Address for receiving mail, if any   Details
9. Main activity of the company   Details
10. Decision on the establishment of the company, if the company is founded by one founder and the Decision must be certified by the Court or a Notary   Details
11. If the future company is founded by several founders, it is necessary to submit the Memorandum of Association   Details
12. Company statute   Details
13. Payment proof to the account of the Official Gazette of Montenegro in the amount of 3 EUR (account number 520-941100-57)   Details
14. Payment proof to the account of the Tax Administration in the amount of 5 EUR (account number 832-3161017-60)   Details
15. Statement from the Central Depository and Clearing Company (to obtain the statement it is necessary to enclose a copy of the founder ‘s ID card or a copy of the passport, in case the founder is a foreign person, as well as a payment proof in the amount of 6 EUR paid to account no. 510-8092-14.)   Details
16. A copy of the ID card if it is a citizen of Montenegro or a copy of the passport of a foreign citizen, for the person authorised to submit required documents before CRPS   Details
17. Statement of the Executive Director appointing him to that position in the future company   Details
After submitting the documentation and obtaining the Decision on the registration of the company, it is necessary to make a seal of the company, open an account in one of the banks in Montenegro and register the employees before the Tax Administration.

Foreign companies that establish parts of their companies in Montenegro, within 30 days from the day of establishment of a part of the company, are obliged to submit the following data for registration in CRPS:
1. Address of the seat of a part of a foreign company in Montenegro   Details
2. Activity of the company   Details
3. The name and form of the foreign company and the name of a part of the company, if different from the name of the company   Details
4. A certified copy of the statute of the foreign company and a translation of the statute or the founding act into Montenegrin, certified by a court interpreter, if the adoption of the statute is not mandatory in the country where the foreign company is registered   Details
5. A copy of the certificate of registration of a foreign company, ie a certified document confirming the validity of the registration of the company in the home country   Details
6. Names and addresses of persons authorised to represent the company in Montenegro, ie the company’s body or members of that body, permanent representatives of the company for the business of a foreign company, as well as the authority to represent those companies, individually or collectively   Details
7. The last balance sheet and income statement, ie other financial documents prescribed by the law of the country in which the company is registered   Details

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