About us

Dear investors,

Welcome to the Montenegrin Investment Agency, a Government agency assisting investors in finding business opportunities in Montenegro.

Often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is truly a “hotspot” for investment. Country’s breath-taking natural beauty, including its ancient walled towns, UNESCO-protected national park, Europe’s deepest canyon, and stunning fjord, captivate all who visit.

We, at the Montenegrin Investment Agency, offer comprehensive, one-stop investment consultancy services, free of charge, which are always tailored to meet potential and existing investors’ precise needs. We help save time by providing general and industry- related information, connect investors to relevant stakeholders and arrange necessary business meetings required to make informed decision on best location for investment.

Our mission is to help investors grow their businesses in Montenegro and improve their competitiveness. Hence providing comfort and necessary tools for companies to continue their growth and implement new project.

As a catalyst for new business opportunities in Montenegro our strategy is simple. Foremost, we advise. Next, we plan. Thereafter, we implement and enjoy our final results. We are here for investors from the start, throughout, and after the investment is completed, ready to offer consulting services on many different aspects of business in Montenegro.

We are a reliable, long-term and preferred partner for investors in Montenegro.

If you are looking to expand your business, we assure you investing in Montenegro is a safe place to start. You are more than welcome to contact us, we would love to help you do business in Montenegro.

Yours sincerely,

Acting Director Snežana Đurović