Register of Incentive Measures for Investments

Information on joint projects and cooperation with the World Bank (WB) and the World Bank Group (IFC) – Investment Incentives Inventory Montenegro 2024

The Ministry of Economic Development, in cooperation with the World Bank Group and state institutions, has finished update of the Investment Incentives Inventory for 2024. The Inventory is a comprehensive overview of available financial and non-financial measures of support by the Government of Montenegro and state institutions, intended for domestic and foreign investors. The inventory is primarily intended for entrepreneurs and the micro-small and medium-sized enterprises sector, but also for craftsmen and the private sector in order to obtain information on incentive measures for improving economic activity for 2024.

The purpose of creating the Investment Incentives Inventory has been recognized by the Action Plan of the Regional Investment Reform Agenda (RIRA), which is being implemented within the multiannual Action Plan for the Regional Economic Area in the Western Balkans (MAP REA). The aim of the Regional Investment Reform Agenda is to improve the attractiveness of the Western Balkans region for foreign investors, but also for regional investors, which would enable a greater inflow of investments and achieve a higher level of entrepreneurial activity, trade, as well as job creation. As of 2021, this activity has been incorporated as a framework of the CRM Common Regional Market (2021-2024).

The Ministry of Economic Development has completed the update of the Investment Incentives Inventory for 2024, which has 62 incentive measures. These investment incentives target different segments of the economy and sectors of economic activity. This is primarily related to financial and non-financial support, as well as to tax and other fiscal incentives. Incentives are created for the procurement of equipment, machinery, incentives for agriculture, science, tourism sector, incentives for innovation and innovative activity, sustainable economic development, as well as incentives for renewable and hybrid energy.

With the intention of ensuring long-term benefits of using the data available in the register, the Ministry of Economic Development of Montenegro will fully plan, and in coordination with the relevant ministries, public institutions, national funds and the World Bank Group, will carry out the regular annual update of the inventory in order for potential investors, stakeholders and the public to have accurate and complete information about the Inventory in real time, which would further encourage investment activity in Montenegro.