Workshop for contracting authorities ‘Identification of the PPP projects’

Workshop on topic ‘Identification of the PPP projects’ organized for representatives of local self-governments and state institutions, i.e. potential contracting authorities, was held today, in order to better present and understand the project cycle of the Public-Private Partnership model. A workshop was organized by Ministry of Finance and Montenegrin Investment Agency.

Speakers at the workshop were representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Montenegrin Investment Agency and the Protector of Property and Legal Interests of Montenegro, Mr. Jelena Jovetić (MF), Mr. Mladen Grgic (MIA) Mr. Bojana Ćirović (ZIPI), and lecturers and prominent SIGMA/OECD experts in the field of public-private partnership, Mr. Mario Turković and Mr. Damir Zimmer.

Director of the Montenegrin Investment Agency, Mr. Mladen Grgić, pointed out that the legislative framework formalized the Public-Private Partnership as a new investment model in Montenegro and opened up additional opportunities for cooperation between the public and private sectors, especially from the aspect of valorizing the potentials and raising the level of public services quality.

Mr. Mladen Grgić particularly pointed out the necessity for more intensive cooperation between public contracting authorities and the Montenegrin Investment Agency, as well as continued cooperation with international experts, in order to further strengthen capacities at the local but also at the state level.

Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Jelena Jovetić, spoke about the advantages of the Public-Private Partnership model in Montenegro, especially emphasizing the importance of sharing of the burden in terms of risk between the state and the private partner, as well as the know-how that the private partner brings with it. The priority in the part of Public-Private Partnership is the further improvement of public infrastructure, emphasizing the commitment of competent institutions to work on further development projects in Montenegro in accordance with international standards.

During the workshop, there was a special discussion about the encouraging the attractiveness of Public-Private Partnership projects, but also about the experiences of other countries regarding the application of this modality.