Director of the Montenegrin Investment Agency Snežana Đurović and assistant director for investment promotion and international cooperation, Andrej Lakić, as members of the Montenegrin delegation at the invitation of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, participated in the conference “Trade and business opportunities in Montenegro” held in Izmir.

At the conference dedicated to the trade and investment opportunities of our country, the Montenegrin delegation, which, in addition to the representatives of the Montenegrin Investment Agency consisted of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Dr. Nina Drakić, with associates, was led by the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Periša Kastratović, and the president of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro, Burhan Genc,​​ actively participated in the two-day conference.

The goal of the conference was to strengthen the trade cooperation between the two countries and to inform the businessmen of Izmir in more detail about the possibilities for investment and establishing partnerships with companies from Montenegro.

In her introductory speech director Đurović said that future-oriented and based on historical cooperation, Montenegro and Turkey should continue to build and strengthen economic ties, sharing mutual resources and expertise and accepting new opportunities for partnership. She also said that the Agency she manages is a reliable partner in further strengthening mutual ties between the two countries and deepening economic cooperation.

Also, on that occasion, the management of the Agency presented the investment environment of Montenegro, through a comprehensive presentation of opportunities for investment in priority sectors in the Montenegrin economy, with a focus on the potential of Montenegro as an investment destination.

The conference was attended by more than 200 businessmen who, in an open and constructive dialogue with the representatives of the Agency, in the panel entitled “Business opportunities between Montenegro and Izmir” discussed specific issues related to investing in Montenegro from the scope of their business. In this context, the representatives of the Agency informed the interested Turkish businessmen in detail, providing direct guidelines for the investment procedure in the sectors that aroused the most interest of potential investors, primarily energy, construction and tourism.

As a result of the conference, guidelines were agreed for additional improvement of existing cooperation and continuation of activities on the economic connection of Montenegro and the Republic of Turkey, in which the Montenegrin Investment Agency as an indispensable institution, will play a leading role.