About Us

Dear investors,

Some things just seem to be linked together like summer and the sea, winter and snow, hence attractive Montenegro and safe investments. Often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is truly a “hotspot” for investment.

We, at the Montenegro Investment Agency, offer professional and dynamic guidance throughout the decision–making process by providing expert and timely services. In order to meet potential investor’s needs we provide general and industry-related information, arrange necessary business meetings for interested companies during their visits to Montenegro and closely collaborate with governmental authorities to ensure adequate actions are followed and decisions made to mutual benefit and interest.

We serve as a catalyst for new business opportunities and our strategy is simple. Foremost, we advise. Next, we plan. Thereafter, we implement and enjoy our final results. We are here for investors from the start, throughout, and after the investment is completed, ready to offer consulting services on many different aspects of business in Montenegro i.e. registration, taxes, incentives, market research, field visits, and coordination with other institutional units.

Our job is to be at service to the potential foreign investor, creating a win-win situation where both parties leave the table smiling.

If you are looking to expand your business, investing in Montenegro is a safe place to start. You are more than welcome to contact us, we’d love to help you do business in Montenegro.

Yours sincerely,
Montenegrin Investment Agency

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Podgorica, Montenegro
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